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Make The Change Design For Good Talk: The Wonder Series

Have you ever wondered about the people who willingly commit their entire lives to do good?

Come join us for a perceptive conversation as we go in deeper to find out more. What made a music teacher leave her career of 30 years to dedicate her life to charity work? How did a young talent unintentionally stumble into friendships with children from the slums of Kolkata?

MTC’s Design For Good Talk is an initiative aimed at engaging and provoking communities to use works of creativity and design to positively influence the world.

Moving well into its fourth edition in 2018, MTC’s Design For Good Talk is setting up the stage for yet another wonder-full session on March 17th. Plugging into the world of social changemakers, the possibilities are endless and potential immense for real-life heroes and heroines to touch lives in their own ways, with their own hands.

Who is this talk for?

MTC’s Design For Good Talk is for individuals who believe (or wonder ;)) about how design can make a positive difference in the world today.

What you will get

Attendees will get to be part of the narrative that celebrates real stories. Not perfect, but strong, inspiring and relatable journeys. Tapping on the insights gleaned from past experiences and seasons in life, we seek to understand how our “Wonder” speakers have been designing and redesigning lives for social good.

About the “Wonder” Speakers

Mr Suraj Upadhiah is the Co-Founder and CEO of Air Amber, a social enterprise that seeks to positively impact and co-develop communities. He is also the Chairman of Rebelhouse Asia, the Asia Pacific HQ for a social impact film production and distribution company. His passion and dauntless spirit has led to numerous large, medium and small scale efforts to improve and dignify the lives of those in marginalised circumstances.

Aileen Ong is the founder of Solutions To End Poverty (STEP). An ardent believer of empathetic innovation, she always seek first to understand her communities before empowering them. Her vault of experiences accumulated from years of ground work in the Philippines and Cambodia has led her to craft out a holistic approach that radically overcomes poverty faced by slum dwellers. Her current multi-dimensional work is Smile Village- a home, campus and workplace in Cambodia.

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Sat Mar 17, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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111 Middle Road Singapore
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